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  • Our new achievement!

    According to the results of the state certification of scientific institutions

    Kundiiev Institute of Occupational Health of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

    received the highest rating - the first classification category

    (Order of the Ministry of Education and science of Ukraine of 17.06.2020 № 817)



    to scientists, intellectuals and goodwill caring people


    Respected colleagues, dear friends,


    Kundiiev Institute of Occupational Health of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine is a leading scientific institution in Ukraine for providing highly qualified and specialized medical care to the working population, recently, mainly to miners and anti-terrorist operation participants. The institute has a long history and recognition in Ukraine and abroad. Well-known scientific schools have been formed in the Institute during the years of its activity (since 1928) providing the development of scientific basis of occupational health in all spheres of the Institute work, in coordination of research and training of scientific personnel in Ukraine and abroad. Under the leadership of the Institute, a regulatory framework of the Legislation on Occupational Health has been developed, which ensures the implementation of the State Inspection on Work Conditions in accordance with ILO Conventions, EU Directives, WHO Recommendations. The creative work of the Institute in the field of basic and applied research makes a significant contribution to the development of preventive medicine. A well-known team of scientists works in the Institute, the equipment, material and technical base is systematically improving. In our opinion, this gives grounds for optimistic hopes for further creative success in the development of the scientific foundations of occupational medicine, if we were not prevented from working calmly.




    In our opinion, a creeping raider seizure of the Institute is currently taking place.

    Taking advantage of my absence from the Institute due to illness, the Bureau of the Presidium of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) of Ukraine, during the quarantine on the coronavirus pandemic, removed my Deputy Director on Scientific Activity, who was entitled to perform these duties under the Institute's Status. And, having committed a legal violation, the Bureau appointed Mr. Veselskyi V.L., Assistant to the President of the NAMS, former Mayor of the city Novograd-Volynsky, to the post of the Acting Director of the Institute from April 1, 2020, giving him the right to solve financial and personnel issues, providing no explanations or legal grounds in this regard. That is, in fact Mr. Veselskyi V.L. has gained full control over the finances and property of the Institute, which consists of four buildings in the center of Kiev, Saksaganskogo St., 75.

    My name was removed from the State Register of physical and legal persons having the right of signature without a power of attorney on behalf of the legal person (Institute), and thus, Mr. Veselskyi V.L. was registered as a legal person.

    Mr. Veselskyi V.L., violating the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 404 about obligatory passing a competitive selection of the scientific personnel in a scientific institution, appointed a former deputy of the Parliament Mr. Ishcheikin K.E. on the position of Deputy Director on the Scientific and Practical Activity, who by his occupation (dermatovenereology) does not meet the scientific specialization of the Institute, and, according to the academic good faith (revealed plagiarism in the dissertations of two his students) does not have a moral right to bear the name of a scientist. In this regard, the staff of the Institute expressed its indignation in a collective appeal addressed to the President of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, to which it has not yet received any response.

    Mr. Veselskyi V.L. together with Mr. Ishcheikin K.E. undertook to "reform" the Institute, dismissing employees and enrolling "their" people on the places of dismissal. A “Corruption Prevention Department”, not provided for by the Statute of the Institute, appeared in the structure of the Institute which was not approved by the Scientific Council of the Institute.

    I would like to note that no scientific issues have been considered during this time. And this is understandable - because of the absolute personal incompetence of the "new reformers". But the "newcomers" did not deny themselves of brutal behavior with employees, rudeness, offensive assessments of our specialty and scientific activity.

    There was an attempt to raid the Institute by unknown persons, which was blocked due to the vigilance of the staff and the timely intervention of the police.

    Mr. Veselskyi and Mr. Ishcheikin managed to express their professional credo as follows: “There is no science in Ukraine, and, therefore, there is no science in this Institute; it is time to turn the Institute into a State Enterprise and to earn money. Turn the clinic of the Institute into a medical institution to serve VIPs”. Away from the miners, away from the common people who have nothing to pay for medical care!

    From the first day of my return to work (May 4, 2020), despite the quarantine, Institute became an object of audits of the Accounts Chamber. The process continues to this day.

    The events taking place at the Institute are attempts to create unlawful legal precedent, and direct interference in the affairs of an independent legal entity - the Institute. This mechanism can be used against every institution of the Academy, against every director. And then some corrupt people, pseudo-scientists, will be able to buy a position and an institute for a minimal price. But we must not lose our creative heritage - something that was created by our work and the work of many of our predecessors. At the moment, our scientific institutions in the hands of such people will become a tool for making money for a group of people and criminal activities.

    We hope for the help of lawyers - patriots of the Motherland, whose life credo is to help honest people in their fight against raiding and corruption.

    The staff addressed a letter of assistance to the Presidential Administration, the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament), the Prime Minister, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the National Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Health, and others.

    We hope for the help of high state institutions, public organizations, groups of like-minded colleagues and for your support.

    We hope to achieve the Victory over the forces of evil through consolidated efforts!


    On behalf of the staff of the Institute

    Chernyuk V.I., Professor, Dr. Med. Sc.,

    Director, Kundiiev Institute of Occupational Health

    of the NAMS of Ukraine,

    Corresponding Member of the NAMS of Ukraine 

    The staff of Kundiiev Institute of Occupational Health

    express its gratitude for the support to




    Professor Emeritus of Environmental and Occupational Health and Epidemiology Centre at the Illinois University in Chicago; International member of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine Daniel Hryhorczuk, MD, MPH (USA)

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