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    We inform you about the holding and invite you to take part in the scientific and practical conference, which was included into the "Register of congresses, congresses, symposiums and scientific-practical conferences, which will be held in 2018" by the Ministry of Health and Science of Ukraine (No. 296): "Current Issues Occupational Health and Occupational Diseases (to the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute of Labor Medicine named by Yu.I. Kundiev, the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine)", which will be held on December 4, 2018, on the basis of the Institute, with the participation of scientists and doctors on occupational health, occupational pathologists and other specialists in the field of prevention and clinical medicine, representatives of industrial enterprises of Ukraine and public organizations. 

    THE PURPOSE OF THE CONFERENCE: Based on the achievements and prospects of the development of domestic and world labor medicine, discuss and recommend to the Conception of the restoration of the system of labor medicine in Ukraine and the implementation of preventive measures for the prevention of occupational diseases and occupational poisoning of workers employed in industries with harmful working conditions, and to identify ways to overcome the existing problems of labor medicine with the priority of prevention.



    - Creative heritage of academician Yu.I. Kundieva;

    - Labor medicine in the modern period, problems and ways to overcome them;

    - Factors of production and environment in the formation of health of the working population;

    - Reform of the medical sector, including Occupational Pathology Service;

    - Diagnosis, treatment of occupational diseases;

    - Rehabilitation of patients with occupational diseases and psycho-physiological rehabilitation of ATO participants;

    - Personnel provision of labor medicine.


    Institution-organizer of the event: GA "Institute of Medicine named by Yu.I. Kundiev NAMS of Ukraine ".

    Working languages of the conference: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

    The materials of the conference will be published in the form of articles in the Ukrainian Journal of Problems of Occupational Medicine.

     Requirements for registration of articles are presented on the site:

    Detailed information about participation in the conference can be downloaded at this link.

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